Welwyn GC Street Snooker-O

To finish off the 2021 Street-O event series, the final event will deviate slightly from the usual format.  Controls will be the usual street furniture and related items but scoring will be based on snooker rules/scoring.  Each control will be assigned a colour – 6 reds, then one each of yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.  Controls will need to be visited in the correct order for a snooker game – a red first (10 points), then any colour, then a red then a colour, until all the reds have been visited.  The colours need to be then visited in the order yellow (20 points), green (30), brown (40), blue (50), pink (60) & black (70).  You don’t need to complete the full series and may return to the finish at any point so that you are not penalised for running over 45 mins: -20 points for each minute or part-minute late.  Any deviations from the scoring scheme will be treated as generously as possible (and accidental extra control visits will be ignored).  Tactics rather than speed will be critical!

Please note:

  • You should not come if you have symptoms of COVID-19, are living in a household with someone who has a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection, have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or are serving a quarantine period after travel.
  • You should only come if you believe travelling to this event is within the letter and the spirit of the Government rules about travel in force at the time. Travel to orienteering events is allowed – and sharing cars is also within the British Orienteering guidelines.
  • While at the event you should continue to follow social distancing guidelines and give space and be courteous to members of the public.
Format 45 minute Score event – visit as many controls as you can in 45 minutes – with snooker-style scoring. You can walk, run or jog. Bring a smartphone or GPS watch if you have one, and pre-load the MapRun course: UK/Hertfordshire/HH WelwynGC Snooker PXAS ScoreW45 PZ (Download in advance; the PIN to unlock it will be provided at start).
Timings Start between 18:50 and 19:10 – it’s getting dark in the evenings so please arrive in good time, wear light/reflective clothing and consider bringing a torch.
Participants Everyone from 16+ who fancies an evening run with a difference. You can walk and jog too! The events will involve crossing busy roads so will in general NOT be suitable for under 16s unless accompanied by an adult.
Registration No entry on the day. You must pre-register at https://sat.maptypes.org/
Registration closes at midday before the event. We will charge per registrant but you may cancel your entry up to registration close.
Entry Fees £2 for HH members, £3 for everyone else. Payment by bank transfer to HH preferred – in advance of the event or immediately after! Participants can pay for multiple events/family members with one payment. Please email confirmation to treasurer@herts-orienteering.club to make matching names to registrations easier. If you end up running before paying you will need to reimburse the club within 48 hours.
Maps Waterproof maps will be provided on the night.  Scale will be 1:10,000 with 5 m contours.  Now downloadable for printing
Parking Free parking at Campus West car park after 18:30.  The start/finish is at the North end of Guessens Road, accessed by leaving the car park by the pedestrian entrance to the South and crossing Bridge Road – look for the tapes.
Planner and Organiser: David Dixon

For more details about our Street-O programme, click here…