Street-O 2021

We are restarting communal, Tuesday evening Street-Os from May 25th!

What? A Series of Urban events around Hertfordshire.
45 minute Score event – visit as many controls as you can in 45 minutesYou can walk, run or jog.   The area covered each night will be different, even when the start point has not changed.  Bring a smartphone or GPS watch if you have one, and pre-load the appropriate MapRun course.
When? Tuesday nights from May 25th with STARTS from 19.00 – 19.20
Pre-registration essential
at Registration closes at midday before the event.
Who? Everyone from 16+ who fancies an evening run with a difference.  You can walk and jog too!  The events will involve crossing busy roads so will in general NOT be suitable for under 16s unless accompanied by an adult.
How much? £2 per evening (HH members), or £3 for non-HH members.  Payment by bank transfer to HH preferred – in advance of the event or immediately after!  Participants can pay for multiple events/family members with one payment.
MapRun6 Scoring is through the MapRun6 app that we’ve been using for DIY Street-Os. Please download the app to your Smartphone, then download the course for the event you are entering.
You can download before the event but the map will not be visible until you enter a PIN code – which will be provided on the map so no pre-planning is possible!

Summer 2021 Street-O schedule

The 2021 programme finished in early September.  The 2022 season will start after Easter.

DIY Street-O

You can still use our existing courses for a your own training runs!  All the details are here…