Yvette Baker Trophy

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HH Juniors reach 2024 Yvette Baker Finals 

Well done to all of the HH Juniors competing in the Yvette Baker Trophy Heats at Hodgemoor Woods. We had a great mix of ages and experience and it was really lovely to see everyone taking part and challenging themselves. This was always going to be a tough test against Southern Navigators and things did not start out well when we lost a couple of runners to illness (get well soon!) but I am happy to say that the great team effort meant HH came first and we have qualified for the Finals in July. Great stuff everyone!

The finals await and they are in Hertfordshire!. Save the date: Sunday 7th July. All HH Juniors can take part in the final whether you were at the heats or not.

Just to highlight some really great points from the heats:

  • Every single runner successfully completed their course with no mis-punches. Meaning every team member scored points.
  • We had 5 people who ran in their first Yvette Baker today who all got around a tough Yellow course with no shadowing. A really impressive achievement.

Here are the individual results of which everyone should be really proud.

Name YBT class Position
Maggie W G 2nd
Rory M G 2nd
Poppy W LG 1st
Alice W LG 2nd
Bors M LG 1st
Henry M LG 3rd
Csongor M O 1st
Darrio M O 2nd
theo M O 3rd
Annabella W O 2nd
Niamh W Y 1st
Charlotte W Y 2nd
Tunde W Y 3rd
Anna Lucia W Y 5th
Eloise W Y 8th
Sebby M Y 1st
Pair 1: Tallis & Will M Y 5th
Daniel M Y 6th
Pair 2: Kieran & Lily M Y 8th