Youth League Final Placings


The 2016-2017 season finished with a superbly attended event at Chipperfield Common. Beechwood Park School emerged the winners by just 1 point from St Albans High School, and they also took the league title by a more substantial margin. It was their third victory in succession. However, the Maureen Webster Trophy for largest attendance over the season was regained by St Albans High School, after a break of just one year.

Youth League 2016 – 17 final placings (opens a new window)…

More importantly, although I gave out many medals on the day, there are a lot that need to be collected.  There are Competitors medals for those that have taken part in 3 events and Place medals for those who have run at 3 events and come in the top 3 of their class in the league.  Please note that since a lot of runners have done just 2 events in the season, anyone running a third at Mardley on April 1st can claim a competitor’s medal. I will hope to be at the event with the medals. Alternatively, email me and I will send them on.

We think the new rules this year have worked well but would welcome any feedback.

Thanks to everyone for competing and everyone who organised, planned or assisted at any of the events.  Special to thanks to Dave Tookey for producing the results software and reducing my work to a small fraction of previous years.


Post Script:
Apologies but the results posted on March 7th were incorrect, missing some of the scores from the last event. These have now been corrected.
Sorry for any inconvenience.