New Year Club League update


Having been on holiday for a week in December, all of a sudden there are four events in the club league to catch up on. Epping SW was also the club championships, Hindleap kept us on top of the SE League so far, Wendover as usual blew the pre-Christmas worries away and Hankley was fun in the sun, especially the Blood Races. Updated results are here and now that the league is halfway through, a list ordered by median speed is here.

The roll of honour of people who did well is:

Event Juniors Seniors
Epping SW Daniel Figg
Thomas M’Caw
Viv Hodson
Mike Bennett
David Frampton
Hindleap Daniel Figg
Sam Fielding
James Errington
David Hodson
Viv Hodson
Andrew Cummings
Wendover Tony Harden
Alison Saunders
David Heale
Hankley Sam Fielding
Beth Hanson
Josh M’Caw
Tony Harden
Laura Parkes
Mike Bennett

Hankley results are provisional. There are two issues:

  • There is no climb data
  • For those doing the blood races, the mass start gives an increased possibility of ‘towing’. Also, the people on full or half blood had 1.6km of dead running.

To solve the first, please will some of you take a few minutes looking at your map to count contours crossed (uphill only, remembering that some courses finished below their start) and send the result to me at club.league <at> That will sort out Green and below. For the blood races, once we have the climb data, Kevin and I will look at the results to see if the nature of the race made a significant difference and adjust accordingly. So overall, given the provisional nature of the Hankley results, Sam Fielding leads, followed by Beth Hanson and Daniel FIgg of the juniors. Helen Errington leads the seniors by a smidgen from Stu Levene (although that would easily change if Hankley results stand) and Andrew Cummings.

There are still 6 events left and your best 6 count, so even if you haven’t got a counting score yet you could still win. The next event is the SE League event at Darnley (aka Cobham & Shorne, even DFOK aren’t sure) on Jan 5th. Entries are open on Fabian4 until midnight on Friday 3rd. The SE League is often decided by how well we do at events South of the river compared to how well SO, SLOW or SAX do at events North of the river. We did well to come second at Hindleap, we need more people to run – and some to run well – at Darnley to keep ahead, especially as the last 2 events are farther South. You can also enter our own SE League event at Ashridge on Jan 19th at Fabian4.

Happy New Year to you all
Mike Bennett
club.league <at>