Tue 24 Sep 19 Tuesday Evenings Weekly Training run – WGC every Tuesday evening

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Tuesday evening training returns to Welwyn GC

To keep fit between orienteering events, HH members and their friends meet at 7pm every Tuesday (outside the Street-O season) at Campus West in Welwyn Garden City (AL8 6BX) for a training run with a choice of 5 km (not very fast) and 6.2 km (faster) routes, each taking 30-35 mins (and often followed by a drink and chat in the café there).

All are welcome, and just join us for a drink afterwards (~ 7:45, Humphrey’s cafe & bar) without the run if you prefer.

Please aim to come in good time because we start the run at 7pm sharp. Find us near the ticket machine shelter at the entrance to the car park.

Run history, routes and times available here.

Alex goes training in Scotland

Alex recently attended a week long training camp in Scotland for some of the country’s top M/W16s.

The trip ran from 20th to 27th July and was based at Templar’s Park, a large scout camp on the banks of the River Dee, close to Aberdeen.   The training  is organised and managed by JROS (Junior Regional Orienteering Squads).( There were 18 junior attendees, selected from the Regional Squads throughout Great Britain.

Here is Alex’s account of the trip in his own words:

Although the accommodation was fairly crude, with all the boys crammed into one dorm, our base camp was a great place. Large grounds allowed for hours of fun throwing whistler darts and playing football and manhunt.

Catering was fabulous, with a hot meal in the evenings, porridge for breakfast, a make your own packed lunch and fruit available at all times. I approve of their policy of “never being hungry”!

The training each day was incredible, and a variety of different areas explored, from the dunes of Balmedie to the forest of Coull. Each day focussed on a different aspect of orienteering: plan, picture and direction. Each day a variety of courses were on offer for training, and there was a yellow jersey event to provide some competition, which was usually a longer course or sprint race. This gave both technical training and race training.

There were also sessions with a coach each day where that coach would talk about an aspect of orienteering at a high level, such as training and race preparation, and on one of the days, a stretching session. This was very helpful in giving us an insight into how we should be doing things before a race and allowed us to form our own training plans.

In my opinion, the best area that we trained on was Glen Dye  (see map). As you can see, this was a beautiful coniferous woodland of very complex and varied terrain, allowing us to run on it on two different days with different objectives. With tussocks and bilberries, the going was tough in places; however, this did allow us to do a bilberry picking session and bake a bilberry and apple crumble (delicious).

The tour champs, held on Glen Dye, didn’t go so well for me, as the long distance, steep hills and ankle pains forced me to retire. ?

The tour wasn’t just about orienteering though, as each day we performed different tasks with our training groups, including washing up and cleaning the showers (after the scouts had left them mucky), teaching us valuable “life skills”… apparently.

There were also fun activities, such as a swim in the river after training each day, which helped recovery as well, and a barbecue and party in Templar’s Park.
Go if you can!

Tegan’s trip to Lagganalia

Lagganlia is an Outdoor Education Centre on the banks of the River Feshie, around 10 miles from Aviemore.  Recently, Tegan attended a training camp there, organised by JROS (Junior Regional Orienteering Squads). It was for 24 junior attendees (M/W14) selected from the Regional Squads throughout Great Britain and supported by 18 voluntary staff (coaches, chefs etc).

Here’s Tegan’s own account of the week:

This year I went to the Lagganlia training camp in Scotland.

I had loads of fun and improved my skills a lot, with the help of all the coaches there. I had never been to Scotland and so getting the opportunity to train in such different terrain was great as experience for future races on those kind of areas.

On Saturday morning we travelled by train to Aviemore, where the minibuses met the athletes. In our first evening at Lagganlia we played a few name games to get to know each other and were briefed for the next day. Throughout the week we visited a variety of areas, my favourites being Roseisle (see the map on the left) and Culbin, and did individual and paired exercises, along with some individual races and relays.

Halfway through the week we had a rest day, consisting of some sprint training, a sprint race, swimming in a loch (forgot the name!) and then a visit into Aviemore in the afternoon .  On our last night we did some fun activities and a relay around the Lagganlia site and then, on Saturday morning, we went back to the station to get the train to Perth and, for most of us, to go on to the Scottish 6 Days.

I learnt how to use pacing and developed skills I already had, like accurate bearings and simplification. It was a lot of hard work, but also fun, as I got to know the other athletes in my age class, who I’d never met before. The food was great, especially the sticky toffee pudding! I had an amazing time!

Big thanks to all the coaches and everyone else there who made it such a great experience!

Better Orienteering

New to Orienteering? Or just want to improve?
This may help.

A new resource has recently become available which can help any orienteer – be they newcomer or experienced. has recently been set up and it covers skills and techniques for both those new to the sport and the more experienced who believe they could improve still further.

Under the heading of ‘skills levels’ there are four main sections;

  • Basic Techniques
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Beyond Advanced

Each is well laid out and easy to understand with downloadable resources.

There are also sections on;

  • Race Analysis
  • How well am I orienteering?

Plus lists of books and resources including useful web sites.

Why not dip in and find out?

If you need further explanations of any of what you read please don’t hesitate to contact me


Training Course Schedule – Autumn 2019

Before everyone goes away for the summer, this is a reminder of the Training Courses that HH is planning to host in the coming autumn.

We hope you will find something that interests you among these courses and we look forward to seeing you at one – or more – of them.

For further details or any questions or better still wanting to attend a course please contact Keith Marsden.

Keith (

Event Safety Workshop                   (7pm to 10pm)                        17th September

The Event safety Course is the only course mandated by British Orienteering for all those who act as event volunteers in whatever capacity.

The Workshop provides volunteers with an overview of safety and welfare issues that may arise when staging an orienteering event. The training provides knowledge of the procedures and policies that exist, the practical measures used to manage risk and what to do in the event of an accident or incident occurring.

Planners Workshop                  (10am -4pm)               28th September

This will be a full day course aimed at those of you who would like to try their hand at planning an event and also those who may have planned an event but who would like to move on and widen their knowledge.

  • The main head-lines of the course will be
  •  How to plan good courses
  • Tips for the weekend of the event
  • Using SI
  • Avoiding common planning mistakes
  • Practical exercises

But as usual it’s up to you to ask the questions!

The course will be based at Mardley near Welwyn Garden City, giving attendees the chance to try some practical exercises.

Event Volunteers and Team Leaders course           (10am -4pm)               9th November

This will also be a full day workshop and is aimed at putting into context the additional needs of volunteers who will be helping at the Interland cup and related South East League event on March 1st.

It will aim to cover the following areas;

  • Background
  • Ace of Herts & Interland Cup
  • Level B (National Events)
  • Team Leading
  • Entries
  • Starts
  • Sportident & SIAC
  • Results and Prize Giving.

First Aid                (1.30pm – 5.30 pm)                 9th December

All orienteering events must have a designated qualified First Aid officer and this 4 hour course is practically based and will be presented by a qualified First Aid Tutor.

Our tutor will be Flora Schneider who has been presenting this course and the 14 hour first aid course to Orienteers for many years.

Those of you who did this course in 2016 should remember that a First Aid qualification is only valid for 3 years and so this is an ideal opportunity to renew that qualification.

And of course we will welcome those who have never attended a First Aid course to join us.

The course covers a systematic approach to incident management, vital signs, unresponsive casualties, safe airway/recovery position, CPR (adult, child & drowning), choking, heart attacks, bleeding & shock.

There is continual assessment by trainer observation.

The cost to individuals will be £15 and this cost has been subsidised by the club.

Introduction to Orienteering  (3 hours)                   Provisional date  January 2020

We organised an ‘Introduction to Orienteering’ course in 2019 and it was well received. Therefore we shall be repeating it in the new year.

Once again we will be looking for a mix of those who know very little about the sport and those who have been taking part for some time but feel they need to know more about it. All are welcome.


For more information, please contact Keith Marsden.