South East League – Final positions

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The seventh and final event of the 2017/18 South East League took place at Worth Lodge (SO) on 13th May 2018 and was won by SO with HH in fourth place.

Overall for the season, HH finished second in the league, four points behind SO with SLOW a further point behind. The Club’s top scorers at this event were:

  1. Mike Smith (fifth highest scorer overall)
  2. Mark Adams
  3. Angus Harrington

Over the season, Mick Smith was the Club’s highest individual points scorer ahead of Roger Moulding and John Duffield.

A full listing of points scored by individuals can be found on the Club website here:  SEL after 7 events

South East Individual League

The South East Individual League is based on the same events but is run over a calendar year and uses a different scoring system. Before the Worth Lodge event, the following Club members are in top three positions in their class:

  • Francesca Hawks – 1st W12
  • Josh M’Caw – 1st M18
  • Jacob Sharpe – 1st M40
  • Keith Marsden – 1st M75
  • Hannah Freeman – 2nd W16
  • Alex Fielding – 2nd M16
  • Angus Harrington – 2nd M18
  • Alan Elder – 2nd M35
  • Jane Breed – 2nd W65
  • Roger Moulding – 2nd M70
  • Matthew Dixon – 3rd M16

Further details of the South East Individual League can be found on the new South East Orienteering Association Website: