One Glorious Winter’s Morning

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A glorious winter morning with a generous number of HH members combined to provide yet another club training morning.   The venue was Ashridge, looking very well with the early morning sun coming through the trees onto the frosted bracken.   But enough of this background and down to work…

Four main exercises had been planned by Frances and Kevin – two CAR’s and Lights together with a Control Pick and a Map Memory, plus various versions of Naughty Numbers.

A total of 33 (is this a record turnout?) members and friends, young and not so young were invited to do as many or as few of the above in the time available.  Most people managed 2 or 3 exercises and some then went on to testing their speed and reaction on the, Alex supervised, Naughty Numbers.

Others spent longer discussing what had worked and what had not and, as usual, there were a number of experienced coaches on hand to make suggestions and offer advice on how participants might improve their skills.

All too soon lunch time approached and so came to an end what had been a fruitful morning.

Thanks to all who got involved by coaching, hanging and collecting controls or by coming along with the aim of improving their orienteering.


A little explanation of the terms:

  • CAR’s and Lights  – refers to the acronym CAR, designed to remind competitors that the way to plan a leg is backwards ie from Control to attack point to the Route to the attack point
  • Lights refers to the guidance given to orienteers that they should moderate their speed according to the section of the leg – ie green from start to attack point – amber from attack point to control circle and red within the control circle.   Just like traffic lights!

Both CAR’s and Traffic Lights help to emphasise the value of planning and finding a good Attack Point.