New Year Club League update


Updated club league results are here.

The next events in the league are:

11 Jan HAVOC Belhus EOD only
18 Jan DFOK Chelwood Vachery until 16 Jan on fabian4
1 Feb HH Egypt and Burnham expected to reopen soon on fabian4
8 Feb MV White Downs reduced rates to 25 Jan on fabian4

We’ve had a busy end to the year and I haven’t quite caught up – you’ll note that there are no results for Wisley because only the non-mass-start results are on BOF and then in a non-standard format. Will keep working at it.

So who did particularly well in handicap terms at each event? Here’s a little roll of honour:

Event Juniors Seniors
 8 Nov Mytchett Evan Bowers
Daniel Figg
Barry Breed
Gillian Bowers
 23 Nov Epping NW James Errington
Evan Bowers
Barry Breed
Jane Breed
Janet Rosen
 7 Dec Maulden Charlie Dixon
Francesca Bayne
Daniel Figg
Gillian Bowers
Gillian Hanson
Heather Bayne
 14 Dec Long Valley N Dominic Bowers
Hannah Freeman
Evan Bowers
Barry Breed
Vanessa McMillan
Jane Breed

We’ve had some hard & slow events this year. Mytchett times were fast but at Epping only the 2 Breeds and James E beat their handicap. Maulden wasn’t much quicker and at Long Valley only Barry was significantly faster than his handicap (watch out for a big change to his handicap next year). However, many juniors selflessly ran ‘down’ for the club in the CSC final, so were quick. I hope that’s given them all confidence that they really are a lot better than when they were running those courses regularly.

Overall, the table is beginning to take shape now that the first 5 people have completed 6 events. Only one of those is a junior, so James Errington is clearly in the lead there. Completing a family double, Helen Errington leads the seniors from Barry Breed and Ian Byford.

You’ll see the next few events in the club league at the top of the page. Enjoy your runs there and elsewhere,

Mike Bennett
club.league <at>