New club jackets


Our club outerwear design has been updated. Several people have remarked that it looks very smart, thanks to Stu Levene for masterminding the upgrade.

If any club member would like to order one, please contact Stu. The price – dependent on exchange rates – should be around £35 for a batch of 10 or more. It’s a thin shell only. The fashionably unsmiling model is wearing size XL, which is long enough for one of the longest-armed people in the club, and gives plenty of room for 2 fleeces underneath.

It would be great to see lots of us in them at events around the country.

When we order new outerwear, you can also order club tops, either long- or short-sleeved. Stu keeps a small stock, so check with him first to see if he has your size. Full details can be found on the Club Kit page.