Map Reservation – New!


Verulamium will not only be the first of the new format Youth League but also the first usage of our redeveloped map reservation site. Redeveloping the site was necessary for several reasons:

  1. Mozilla are closing the Persona service that was used for login into the site. The new site allows you to use your Yahoo, Google, Facebook or OpenId accounts to login.
  2. We need support the class format used in the new Youth League as well as the traditional Yellow / Orange / Light Green / Blue courses that will continue to be offered at non-Youth league Saturday events.
  3. Although it happens quite rarely there are occasionally situations where having two open events would be desirable. With the new version this will be possible.

While we were doing the upgrade we also took the opportunity to introduce a few new features the most exciting of which is the ability to save for reuse the details of runners you regularly enter.  You are encouraged to try this new feature which should make reserving a map quicker and easier.

A rewrite of this magnitude is not a trivial undertaking (there are around 3000 lines of code!) and there will be bugs and details that can be improved.  I plan to release minor updates for the next few events so please let me have your feedback so that I can add your points to my development to-do list.

Kevin (