Junior Training

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Here is the programme for junior training for the next few months as we gradually move back to real orienteering. It is coordinated with the Saturday series events so it helps to have been to them.

Saturday series – Nomansland event Saturday 8th May
Yellow training (Zoom) Saturday 15th May 10am
Orange training (Nomansland) Saturday 29th May 10.30am
Saturday series – Stanborough event Saturday 5th June
Joint Training (Stanborough) Saturday 19th June 10.30am
Saturday series – Moneyhole Park event Saturday 3rd July
Yvette Baker Trophy final – all club juniors Sunday 4th July
Joint Training (Moneyhole) Saturday 17th July 10.30am

The first training activity is for all yellow standard juniors who have run at least one or two yellow courses. It is a virtual session so please let me know that you are coming and Kevin, who will be leading the session will send you the Zoom invitation. After that there is an orange training for the SETRUS group at Nomansland – do let me know that you’re coming – and on 19th June a joint yellow/orange training session at Stanborough.

I look forward to seeing many of you as we get back to enjoying our sport this summer,
Best wishes,