HH Summer Training and Social

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Down in the woods -HH club training and picnic

Down in the woods at Burnham on Saturday, there was plenty of activity.  The hot weather had brought out wood ants in their millions, (more ants that people, said one junior) and also encouraged a group of about 20 keen HH runners, there to try Kevin and Laura’s training courses.

Well done to the really energetic, who tried all four activities and the afternoon relay.  Welcome to those who had not been to a club training event before. And thanks to the coaches for all the preparation and hard work.

The meeting point, in the shade of some trees, meant that courses set off downhill into the thick of the woods.  Using the map with no paths shown, I was able to appreciate just how contoured the woods are, and how important it is to read those contours well.  Beginners were shadowed to keep them on track, and the more experienced debriefed when they finished each exercise.  Eating ice cream at the cafe, participants were recognising just how useful attack points were, and how essential the compass was once you graduate past yellow courses.

Everyone enjoyed the day, and went off with some inspiration for next season.