HH league 2013-14 final results


After the last event of the 2013-14 winter season at Charlton on 4 May we can now declare the winners of the club league for the season.

First, Charlton itself. Only a select group made the journey and they were lucky enough to run on an interesting, runnable part of the South Downs. Of the adults, David Frampton, Viv Hodson and Tony Harden did best against their handicap. Of the juniors it was Danny Figg and Angus Harrington.

Final results show that Alison Saunders won from Viv Hodson and Tony Harden. Alison recovered from a poor previous season with a consistently good set of results this time. Viv and Tony are good examples of the people the league is all about – less experienced people improving rapidly.

Among the juniors Daniel Figg pipped Samuel Fielding with Beth Hanson in 3rd. Sam and Beth did well to continue improving from the previous year, with only one sub-100 score each in the season. Danny was a revelation, putting his long legs to good use and navigating much more consistently.

Congratulations to all the above and thank you to everybody who took part in events over the season, especially where they contributed to competitions such as the SE league and the Compass Sport Cup.

For the geeks among you (not that orienteers are ever geeks) the results sorted by median speed are interesting reading if you don’t try to compare too hard, either vertically or especially horizontally. Note that everybody at Penn Woods dropped that result if they could. I remember a choice between running through indeterminate areas of various shades of green and running round paths masquerading as marshes. Here’s hoping for better conditions for the events next season!