HH Junior Training 2021 (part 1)

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Background and what we did in May

This, I hope will be the first in a series of articles about the training that HH is introducing for its junior members.  Let me explain;

Following a discussion at a recent Committee meeting it was agreed that HH should endeavour to provide a more structured training programme for juniors.

Frances’s proposal that we should aim to provide a monthly session for those juniors competently running yellow and Orange courses was accepted and it was decided to make use, where possible, of the areas used for Saturday Series events.

It was also recognised that this would fit in well with the series of Zoom sessions organised and conducted in March and April by Carol Lovegrove, Lead Coach of SEJS, under the title of the SETRUS group.  At that time Carol’s concern that the feed of juniors from the South East clubs to South East Junior Squad (SEJS) would be disrupted by the COVID pandemic. HH provided six juniors to the SETRUS group out of about 20 juniors from the south east.

When SETRUS came to an end, HH determined to continue to train the same group, all juniors competent at Orange level, and in addition to create a Yellow group again made up of about 6 juniors, this time competent at Yellow standard.

The first step was then to create a Zoom session, for the Yellow Group, which Kevin Parkes presented on the 15th May.  Similar in style to the SETRUS presentations, it consisted largely of a Quiz aimed at developing the knowledge of map symbols.   Here is a similar quiz which you may wish to try for yourself;

Take the quiz….

Well, did you get it all right?  If you’d like to check your answers and to learn more about map symbols why not log onto https://www.maprunner.co.uk/map-symbols/

Next time I’ll give you a short introduction as to how we moved on to a training session with the HH Orange group at Nomansland Common on 29th May.

Run well!!

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