HH Club league after Penn Wood


The new club league season seems to be going the way of last year, with some fairly challenging events. There was a good turnout at Epping East, with most people beating their handicap, but Penn Wood in the pouring rain was a different story.

The planner at Penn Wood did a good job keeping us out of the greenest parts, but even the wider tracks were quagmires. The wood is new to orienteering and it was a pleasant surprise to find so many pits and depressions, even if getting in and out of the latter involved more sliding than stepping. Roger Moulding described the conditions as second only to the 2012 CSC final at Teviothead, where the rain came in horizontally across open moorland.

At Epping, Alison Saunders returned to form and scored most, followed by Peter Cheetham and Helen Errington of the seniors, and Peter Errington and Hannah Freeman of the juniors. At Penn Wood only Helen (again) ran within 10% of her handicap speed, well ahead of Mike Bennett and Máire Convery. Only Sam Fielding of the juniors was near Helen’s score.

It’s early days yet – only 10 people ran both events – but not surprisingly Helen is in the lead from Máire Convery and Simon Errington. Peter Errington is the leading junior.

The next events are our own Jack of Herts at Northaw next weekend, followed by SN‘s Frith Hill on 10 November. Entries for both are open on Fabian4.

The league result listing is here.