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South London Orienteers (SLOW) have produced a series of eight videos showing different techniques used in orienteering. The videos are presented by different athletes from the GB Orienteering team and filmed in different locations. The aim of the series is to help all levels of orienteer from beginners to the more experienced who wish to improve their technical skills.

The videos will be loaded on to Youtube progressively during January and February 2019.

To start the series there is a short Introductory Video and that is followed by

  • Charlotte Ward introduces ‘How to Orientate the Map’.
  • Hector Haines covers the topic of ‘Using the Compass’
  • Megan Carter-Davis teaches the use of ‘Attack Points’
  • Charlotte Watson presents the use of ‘Aiming Off’
  • Chris Smithard explains ‘Large Contour Features’.
  • Alice Leake looks at ‘Route Choice’.
  • Kris Jones explains ‘Intricate Contours’.
  • Ralph Street highlights ‘Simplification’.

To see all the videos or choose one out of the series click on the link below;

The Playlist (opens in a new tab)