WGC Street Navigation Challenge – Get the App

The MapRun6 app can tell you when you’re at the centre of each circle. It also lets you compare your route & time with others.

Download the MapRun6 app from Google Play or the App Store. It’s free.

Enter your name and then select an event:  Browse to UK -> Hertfordshire -> CentenaryChallenge

When you’re ready press “Go to start”

You’ll get a beep when you’re at the start, at each circle you visit, and when you finish back at the start point.

Top Tips

You can compare results in the app or online.

Print a paper map and put the phone away as you go round the course.

Use the paper map beforehand to research a route.

If you’re being competitive, keep within 45mins or you’ll lose points: ½ a circle’s points for each minute late.

Have you worked out your shortcuts in case you need them?

You can do the same course any number of times to beat your score.

GPS isn’t perfect: you might have to wait a few seconds before you get the beep. Don’t bury your phone at the bottom of a rucksack.

Charge your phone!

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