Northaw (Open event & Yvette Baker Final)

Final details


  • 1 July Details now final. You may print them using the blue Print this page button at the bottom of the page.
  • 2 July corrected typo in timetable for open start times


Yvette Baker Trophy & Shield Open competition
Entries now closed Enter through SI Entries until 1100 on the day
Start times 1230-1347 allocated. Please keep to them. Start times 1030-1200 prompt, flexible within that
Parking at Tolmers Scout Camp, Tolmers Road.
Approach from junction of Cuffley Hill and Tolmers Rd EN6 4LB w3w ///diary.privately.globe
~1000m from parking to event centre, 900m from event centre to start, finish in event centre.
SI timing, SIAC enabled, punching start, fly by finish.
Full leg and torso cover essential (high bracken). No road crossings on courses.
“Big event” facilities – traders and caterers, commentary, maze and string courses … and indoor loos.
Courses close 1530.

HH is proud to present the national final of the Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield, the premier inter-club competitions for juniors in England and Wales.

There are 3 competitions at this event:

  • The Yvette Baker Trophy final for clubs qualifying through heats
  • The Yvette Baker Shield final for clubs with fewer juniors, held concurrently with the Trophy final and using the same courses
  • A Level B open competition with a limited number of courses, anyone can enter at SI Entries now. Open course entrants are welcome to stay and cheer on the juniors.
Location The event centre is in Cuffley Camp EN6 4PR.
Parking Parking is at Tolmers Scout Camp, Tolmers Road. O signs from the junction of Cuffley Hill and Tolmers Rd  EN6 4LB w3w ///diary.privately.globe. Approach only from there. Hanyards Lane is a private road.

Once at Tolmers, follow marshals’ instructions because there are other people using the site. It is then a pleasant 750m walk following a taped route through the woods to a marshalled road crossing into Cuffley Camp. Younger juniors should be accompanied.

There is a drop off loop ~150m from the event centre, suitable for vehicles up to coaches. Follow marshals’ instructions from Carbone Hill EN6 4PR w3w ///basket.fame.crisp. Watch out for pedestrians as this is en route from Tolmers.

Public Transport The event centre is located approximately 2km walk from Cuffley Station. Leave the station subway through the exit opposite to the car park, then turn right onto Tolmers Road. Follow O signs to the entrance to Tolmers Camp then tapes to follow the footpath through the wood, emerging onto Carbone Hill. Turn left and the entrance to the event centre is on the right after 130m. Take care crossing Carbone Hill – the crossing will be marshalled – and on the approach road to the event centre.

Additionally, the 242 Arriva bus provides a service every two hours (08.20, 10.10, 12.10) from Potters Bar station that takes just 15 minutes to reach Cuffley station.

We welcome the following clubs who are represented:
Yvette Baker Trophy
Yvette Baker Shield
… and other clubs with members in the Open competition, and indeed independent runners.
Terrain Mainly runnable deciduous woodland with contour detail.  Good path network so suitable for beginners upwards.

Courses have been planned to avoid the worst of the summer vegetation – bracken is high in places and there are nettle patches so full leg cover is essential.

Many thanks to Cuffley Active Learning Centre, Tolmers Scout Campsite, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and the Friends of Northaw Great Wood for their cooperation in putting the event on.

Map 1:10,000, 5m contour, pre-marked maps for all courses on A4 waterproof paper. Updates have been made for this event by Simon Errington. For a previous event on the area see RouteGadget.

Yellow course maps are available at the pre-start. There is a small “quarantine” area before the -4 line where Yellow runners can look at their maps, accompanied by a coach (or similar, but not a YBT/S competitor!) if they wish. Coaches can come back out of the quarantine area, competitors and maps can only  go on through pre-start.

Control descriptions are on the map and separate descriptions are available in start lanes. Yellow and Orange courses have both pictorial and text descriptions on the map, and a choice of loose pictorial or text descriptions.

YBT/S Courses
Length (km)
Climb (m)
Light Green
Open Courses
Length (km)
Climb (m)
Yellow Open
Light Green Open
Green Open
Blue Open

There will be a free string course and maze course.

Course Notes All courses

  • The courses are entirely contained within the wooded area. If you find yourself on a main road or on farmland, you are in the wrong place.
  • Rootstocks and benches are not marked.

All courses except Yellow courses

  • There is a lot of bracken in the area at this time of year. The thick undergrowth screen on the map denotes brambles or particularly high and thick bracken.  The lighter screen shows areas of thinner bracken.
  • Towards the end of the courses there are many tents, shelters and other temporary structures. These are not mapped.
  • Courses have been designed to avoid clearings where tents have been pitched in groups very close together. If you do find yourself in such a clearing, please run round the outside of the tent groups.  Otherwise, you are likely to trip on the guy ropes or cause damage.
  • Towards the end of the courses you may find activity equipment. Please avoid this.  This includes low steel cables which will be taped to make them more visible.
  • Near the end of the Orange course, there is a taped route between two controls to avoid the tents.
  • Green and Blue courses will encounter very deep depressions.  Take great care.
  • Green and Blue courses only:  The special control description “X” is a crashed light aeroplane.
Start and Finish
The start is 900m from the event centre, run in and finish is in the event centre field. Club tents are encouraged, along the S side of the event centre field.

Start call up is -4 minutes, please allow 20-25 minutes before your start time to get there.

We will collect maps from finishers in the open competition as well as YBT/S. All may be collected after 1347. You must not discuss your course, control sites or the terrain with any competitor yet to start.

Courses close 1530. You must report to download by then.

Entry & Fees (YBT/S)
Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield entries have been made via the competing clubs.

Start list is here. There will be versions ordered by surname and club later.

Please pay if you haven’t already. Cost is £7 per entrant. SIAC (contactless) dibber hire £2. Charge for lost dibbers £65. Note that pairs need only one dibber so you should include only one hire charge.

Entry & Fees (Open) Open course entries are made online through SI Entries.  Entries are now open. You can enter online up to 1100 on the day (subject to map availability). You can choose a start time between 1030 and 1150. We will do our best to fit you in if you turn up early or late, but be aware that the last start must be at 1200 prompt and very late starts have been reserved for helpers.

Late entries from 24 June:

  • BOF members: Seniors £15, Juniors £7
  • Non-members: Seniors £17, Juniors £9.
Junior fees apply to people born 2004+ or in full time education

If you don’t have your own dibber (timing chip) you’ll need to hire one.  SIAC (contactless) dibber hire £2. Charge for lost dibbers £65.

Timing Sportident punching will be used. SIAC will be enabled for those with ‘contactless’ dibbers. Everyone must punch start, finish will be ‘fly by’. You must go to download, which is very close to finish.

YBT/S competitors are expected to start at their allocated time. For Open course competitors there is more flexibility, see above.

by 0930 car park and drop off open
0930 enquiries open
1030 – 1200 Open competition start times
1100 string and maze courses open
1230 – 1347 YBT/S start times
1347 maps available for collection
1430 string and maze courses close
~1500 YBT/S prizegiving
1530 Courses close
by 1600 Enquiries and download close
1630 Car park closes
Facilities Full commentary including radio controls

Free string course and maze course open to all.


There are plenty of indoor toilets. Please follow signs to avoid vehicle routes and groups of tents (guy rope hazard).

Schematic YBT24 arena layout
Schematic arena layout

Prizegiving will take place as soon as possible, we hope to start before 1500. There are prizes for the first 3 clubs in Trophy and Shield. They will be presented by Sarah Mansel, who is retiring as YBT/S coordinator.

Results Interim results will be published direct to the club website every few minutes during the event, subject to mobile phone signal.

Full results will be published on the same page and on Routegadget as soon as possible after the event. We will email all entrants when results are published.

Event cancellation Extreme weather conditions – albeit unlikely in July – could result in late cancellation of the event. If cancellation is needed we will post a message on the home page and on this page, and email Team Managers and all entrants to the open event, as soon as possible after a decision has been made. Club Team Managers must inform their team members.

Please check before travelling.

Dogs Dogs are not allowed in Cuffley Camp
Safety Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety. A full risk assessment has been carried out.

Full leg and torso cover is mandatory. The risk of exposure is low in woodland in July, but you may wish to bring a cagoule in case of summer storms. Whistles are recommended.

It may be warm. Please stay hydrated. There are plenty of taps to refill water bottles.

There is an emergency telephone number on the map.

See also the Course Notes above.

You must go to Download even if you don’t finish your course. We need to confirm you’re back safely.

Safeguarding Please help us to keep to our safeguarding policy and British Orienteering’s photography policy. If you intend to take photographs, please read that policy to understand the risks. If you have any concerns, please raise them with the Organiser or at Enquiries. Club photographers will be taking photographs which may appear on webpages and other public locations, please contact the Organiser (or inform Enquiries) if you do not wish your or your child’s image to appear in photos.

In accordance with recent British Orienteering guidance:

  • Please refrain from changing clothes in public view before or after the event.
  • Ensure that changing is done discreetly, away from areas where others, especially young children, could see.
Complaints and Protests
In accordance with section 13, complaints may be made to Enquiries, as soon as possible but no later than 1500. A jury will be appointed to deal with any protests.
Planner Hedley Calderbank
Organiser Nigel Quinton
Controller Paul Beckett (HAVOC)

The small print

This event is registered with British Orienteering, number 83638

Your personal data is used for results and insurance, see our privacy policy.