Summer Training and Social

For the morning session the lead coaches, Kevin and Laura Parkes, have planned a number of short orienteering exercises designed to encourage you to use a specific ‘O’ technique – so aiming off, attack points, route choice etc.  The exercises are short and it is up to you to decide what you want to try – and how many exercises you wish to do.

There is no compulsion – do one or more but aim to do them well at your speed.

For youngsters we will provide a series of games – orienteering related – and for the older youngsters we would suggest that they attempt some or part of the adult’s exercises – perhaps with the help of a coach.

The training is not meant to tire you out – but to think about your orienteering and to come away saying ‘ I learnt something that will improve my orienteering’.

Lunch time will be a picnic so bring your own food and drink, although there is a café close by.

And for those with remaining energy and inclination we will organise a fun relay in the afternoon. Up to you whether you join in or not.