Sherrards Park Wood

TERRAIN Deciduous managed woodland with intricate path network and some interesting ground features with steeper slopes to north.
PARKING Templewood School, AL8 7SD, Welwyn Garden City, O signs off Digswell Road.

The Road resurfacing works being performed on Woodland Rise will be finished by the event, so we will have access to the back car park and should be able to accommodate all competitors in the school car parks. If we fill up, the parking will be on street.  At 11am parking restrictions on Woodland Rise are lifted and parking close to the event centre will be possible. Before 11am, there are no restrictions north of the school on Pentley Park and Coneydale, within 300m of the event centre.
To allow people to arrive at 11am, the Start time window has been extended to 11:45am with registration until 11.30am.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT  Welwyn Garden City station 1.3km. Many bus services.
COURSES Courses for everybody from beginners of any age to experienced orienteers.

Course Distance Climb Difficulty School Years*
White 1.3 km 30m Easy – all along paths, control flags whenever you need to decide to turn. Up to Y4
Yellow 1.7 km 35m Fairly easy – navigate along line features such as paths, walls, streams. Some turns with no control flags. Y6
Orange 3.0 km 60m Moderate – start cutting across country, some controls a bit away from line features. Y7-8
Light Green 3.6 km 70m Harder – a range of navigational skills needed to find controls on any mapped feature. Y11-13
Blue 6.7 km 155m As hard as we can make it on the area. n/a

*These are the recommended courses for people in these school years who enter the Youth League, however some will be invited to ‘run up’.

You may enter any course and will automatically be entered in the club’s Saturday League unless you ask not to.

STARTS Register from 10:00 to 11:30 or visit to reserve map/dibber in the week before the event.
Starts from 10:15.  Last start  11:45. Courses close at 12:45.
Note: times have been pushed back 15 mins from our usual Sat Series events, to allow for the impact of the street parking restrictions.
FEES Non-members: Adults £6, Juniors £3
BOF members: Adults £4, Juniors £1
HH juniors free; adults accompanying juniors are also free but will need to pay £1 for an extra map.
PUNCHING Sportident punching will be used.
Dibber hire £1.00. Charge for lost dibbers £30
MAP 1:7500 pre-marked maps to ISOM 2017 for all courses. Previous map is here.
FACILITIES Toilets at Templewood School. Orange squash and water.
DOGS In the wood but not at event centre! Suggest that you arrive after 11am, park on road and enter event and download without dog. Don’t forget to Download!!!
SAFETY Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.

If snow or ice make travelling or terrain dangerous, an event cancellation notice will be placed on the HH website on the Friday evening.

A full risk assessment will have been carried out.

Planner Laura Parkes
Organiser Jacob Sharpe
Controlling David Frampton