Junior Training via Zoom

Maps & Control Decriptions

We are keen to try out new ideas and one of those is on-line training which has been used successfully elsewhere.

There are lots of important skills and knowledge that are easier and more enjoyable to learn from the comfort of your own home rather than in a cold winter woods.

So on Wednesday 9th February at 7pm-8pm, we will run a Zoom training focussed on maps and control descriptions. We’ll start with a couple of games and then break out in to smaller groups for some other activities.

If you want to join, please respond via Spond or email training@herts-orienteering.club  so we can send the Zoom details.

In February there are two HH events (Mardley on 5th and Ashridge on 27th). Training on the 12th has been challenged by half term and competing activities so we will not be running in-person training on 12th Feb but will be back in March.

All juniors are welcome and the training is suitable for all under 18s.