Jack of Herts, Northaw

Final details are now available – click here.. 

Location Cuffley Active Learning Centre, Carbone Hill, Cuffley, Herts, EN6 4PR
Parking Please follow the marshals’ directions once you enter the Centre. We will be using a mix of car parks, open grassland and forest tracks. Please share cars where possible or use public transport.
Public Transport The event centre is located approximately 2km walk from Cuffley Station. Leave the station subway through the exit opposite to the car park, then turn right onto Tolmers Road. At the end, continue on the footpath through the wood, emerging onto Carbone Hill. Turn left and the entrance to the event centre is on the right after 130m. Take care crossing Carbone Hill and on the approach road to the event centre.

We understand from Great Northern that trains at Cuffley are replaced all day by buses running between Hertford North and Alexandra Palace; cycles are not permitted on the bus. Alternatively, for cyclists, trains run to Brookmans Park (6.6km.) and Potters Bar (6.9km.)

Additionally, the 242 Arriva bus from Welwyn Garden City via Potters Bar to Cheshunt and Waltham Cross stops at Cuffley station.

Terrain Mainly runnable deciduous woodland with contour detail. The water features are drier than the map might suggest, although this could change if we get heavy rain in the days before the event. Good path network so suitable for beginners upwards. Help is available – just ask.
Courses Courses for everybody from beginners of any age to experienced orienteers.

Course Distance Difficulty
White 1.7 km 1: Easy – all along paths, control flags whenever you need to decide to turn.
Yellow 2.6 km 2: Fairly easy – navigate along line features such as paths, walls, streams. Some turns with no control flags.
Orange 2.9 km 3: Moderate – start cutting across country, some controls a bit away from line features.
Light Green 3.2 km 4: Harder – a range of navigational skills needed to find controls on any mapped feature.
Short Green 3.6 km 5: As hard as we can make it on the area.
Green 5.0 km 5: As hard as we can make it on the area.
Blue 7.0 km 5: As hard as we can make it on the area.
Brown 9.0 km 5: As hard as we can make it on the area.
Course Notes The area is divided into two parts: the eastern part owned by the Cuffley Active Learning Centre and the woods surrounding it.  The Centre is enclosed by a fence. The start is outside the Centre.

Parts of the fence are made of wood & wire mesh – these sections must not be crossed – and their approximate locations have been overprinted on the map in the Final Details (with one exception – see below). Other parts are made of wood & vegetation and may be crossed anywhere but convenient and significant gaps have been mapped.

Green, Blue and Brown courses will cross the fence three times in various places. Maps on these courses are two-sided. Turn over your map for Part 2 of the course when indicated on the control descriptions. White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Short Green courses will re-enter the Centre via a control located on the northern end of the fence. (The Green course will also use this control to leave the Centre.) The section of wire fence near to this control must not be crossed, but to aid map clarity this section has not been overprinted with the ‘uncrossable’ symbol. Tapes have been placed to help guide White course competitors to the main path after this control.

Please be aware that, as is usual at this time of year, fallen leaves and bracken have obscured parts of some smaller paths.

Maps 1:10,000 pre-marked maps for all courses on waterproof paper. For a previous event on the area see RouteGadget.

Loose control descriptions will be provided in the start lanes.

Starts Starts will be in blocks:

  • Very early 10:30 – 11:00
  • Early 11:00 – 11:30
  • Middle 11:30 – 12:00
  • Late 12:00 – 12:30

Please try to start within your block so as to reduce queuing. At certain periods, notably very early, helpers will have priority. Your start time on the start list is the beginning of your start block.

The start is 400m. from the event centre, from where the route will be signed and taped. The first section of this route follows a track which will be used for parking – be careful of moving vehicles.

SIAC will be enabled. Punch the start; other controls and the finish will be in dual contactless / punching mode.

Courses close 14:00. Please start in good time to finish by then.

Entry & Fees Entries are now open on SIEntries

Entries up to midnight on Sunday 16th October:

  • BOF members: Adults £9, Juniors £4
  • Non-members: Adults £11, Juniors £6
Entries from Monday 17th October:

  • BOF members: Adults £11, Juniors £6
  • Non-members: Adults £13, Juniors £8

Helpers will get a free run – contact the Organiser for the discount code to be used when entering.

Punching SIAC will be enabled for controls on the course. Both the start and finish controls will be in punching mode: ensure that you punch the start and finish.

If you need to hire a SIAC (timing chip) the cost is £2.00 and this must be ordered via SIEntries as part of your entry.

Charge for lost SIACs £60.

Results Live information will be available from your smartphone / tablet on www.herts-orienteering.club:

  • List of pre-entered competitors so you can check your entered course, start block and the dibber number you entered with.
  • Live Results and splits updated every few minutes.

Full results will be published on www.herts-orienteering.club and Routegadget as soon as possible after the event.

There will be a WiFi available in the Event Centre, details will be posted at enquiries.

Dogs Sorry but no dogs allowed in the Assembly area or on the courses.
Facilities The event centre will be in the refectory, which will have the following facilities:

  • Enquiries including help for new orienteers, hired SIAC card collection, key drop, first aid
  • Download (access externally via route from finish)
  • Toilets
  • Café
  • Shelter, seating and bag drop (items left at owner’s risk)

Please do not enter the refectory with muddy shoes or dobs

There is a small residential area between the entrance gate and the refectory on the North side of the road which is signed as private and is strictly out of bounds to orienteers.

In addition to the event centre, toilets are also available around the car parking area.

Safety Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety. A full risk assessment has been carried out.

You must go to Download (in Assembly) even if you don’t finish your course. We need to confirm you’re back safely.

First Aid will be available at the Event Centre.

The nearest A&E is Barnet Hospital, Wellhouse Ln, Barnet EN5 4BZ Tel 0208 216 4600

Climbing of fences is strictly forbidden.

Competitors travelling alone are advised to leave something of value that they will not forget at Enquiries (e.g. car keys). All competitors are advised to carry a whistle. In the unlikely event of extreme weather on the day, cagoules may be compulsory and you will be informed by car park marshals and in Assembly. Come prepared.

The area is popular with cyclists, dog walkers and horse riders. Please show them due consideration.

Please do not attend if you have COVID or have recently been in contact with someone who has. A
refund will be available in these circumstances by contacting the organiser.  All participants must follow the British Orienteering Code of Conduct

Acknowledgements Many thanks to Cuffley Camp for use of their site, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council for allowing us use of this lovely area and to them and Friends of Northaw Great Wood for their work in maintaining it.
Planner Tom Cochrane
Organiser Adam Leaf  e: organiser@herts-orienteering.club
Controller Roger Moulding