Introduction to Orienteering – Training Course

Back in September HH ran a 3 hour course for its members entitled ‘Introduction to Orienteering’. Nine members attended and we were reasonably pleased with the feedback but with some reservations.  We have therefore addressed these by splitting the course into two 2-hour courses.

One will cover the organisation of Orienteering and will cover terminology, courses, classes, events and competitions and all the basics that you need to know about how the sport is organised and how to start to get the best out of it. We aim to answer all your questions and point you to places where you can add to your knowledge.

The second course, entitled ‘Technique and Planning’ is designed to help you improve your orienteering skills and techniques in order to get better results.

We are planning to run the first course ’Introduction to Orienteering’ on Sunday 20th January (note date change) in St Albans.   As before we will aim to answer any question you throw at us in an effort to help newcomers, and perhaps those that have been in sport for a while, to better understand what orienteering is all about.

If you want to join us or just want to ask some question right away, please contact Keith Marsden (
Have fun