HH Christmas Training

We have been given permission to use Ashridge north for our annual Christmas training on 30th December.  As usual there will be a full range of training exercises for you to try.

Kevin Fielding has put together a number of courses based on ‘CARs and Lights’. If you don’t know what he’s offering you’d best ask him.  Kevin has also provided a course which tests your ability to orienteer quickly on short distances by giving you a control pick of just ten controls on a control pick..

Frances, on the other hand, has lined up a map memory exercise just to test the little grey cells. (Is this fair just after Christmas?)

And there will be a number of other exercises aimed at testing your knowledge of map symbols and control descriptions.

Training will begin at 10.30 and will be available until 12.45.

Car parking is in Ashridge at Beacon Road Ringshall, HP4 1ND (see map above).

After training, this year’s Christmas social will be held at the nearby Dagnall Village Hall, Dunstable Road, HP4 1RG and which will be available from 12.30 to 16.00.

Do let us know if you are able to join us;
For training please let Keith know (training@herts-orienteering.club)
And for the Social please let Mike know ( chair@herts-orienteering.club

Best wishes for Christmas and 2020!!