Event Safety Workshop

Happy Herts will be hosting an Event Safety Workshop on the afternoon of Saturday 26th November in St Albans.

The Event Safety Workshop is due to become a requirement for Event Officials but even if you are not planning to volunteer to be a planner or organiser of an event the workshop is a great way to understand the risks inherent in the sport.

Its also a great way to meet fellow orienteers and share knowledge and experience.

Set out below is an outline of the course and its learning outcomes:

Event Safety Workshop

The Event Safety workshop aims to provide Event Volunteers with an overview of safety and welfare issues that may arise as a result of staging an Orienteering event. To have knowledge of the British Orienteering procedures and policies that exist, practical measures which Event Volunteers can employ to reduce the risks to an acceptable level and what to do in the eventof an accident or incident occurring.

Learning Outcomes

1. Establish a safe environment for competitors, officials, spectators & members of the public.

2. Establish a working relationship with volunteers & event helpers & others.

3. Ensure compliance with the relevant rules & guidelines for the staging of orienteering events

If you would like to join us or have any questions please contact Keith (training@herts-orienteering.club)