Club Training – Hockeridge & Pancake Woods

It seems like a lot of people enjoyed our recent event at Hockeridge. We will be running our next club training in the same area on Jan 20th  although we will meet at a different location (so don’t turn up at the school!).

This is for all club members of any ability.

Meeting point:  Johns Lane, Nearest postcode HP5 3PT,  W3W: cave.cone.warns .

This is approx 3/4 mile South West of Shootersway, Berkhamsted. The car parking is basic spaces on the verge at the side of the road.

Start  Time: 10:00 so please arrive in time to change shoes,

Finish: 12:00

Please email: by Friday 12th January if you want to book a space. We do have a limit on (car) numbers due to limited parking and there is quite a bit of interest to train in some unfamiliar terrain.

Note: Juniors under 10 need to be accompanied by a parent.

See you all there