HH Club Sprints 2023

Our club sprints this year will be at Enfield Island Village. Many thanks to Enfield Island Village for allowing us to use the area and to CHIG for allowing us to use their map.

Although this is our internal club sprint championships, other runners – especially CHIG – are welcome.

TERRAIN Two areas of mostly housing between the River Lea and Stanstead Mill stream, with generally low speed traffic. The whole area has only two vehicle access routes, both in the west, so no through traffic.

Between the two urban areas is an area of mostly open land, used for the junior course.

Many thanks to Enfield Island Village for permission to use the area and to CHIG for permission to use their map.

PARKING Enfield Island Village car park EN3 6GS, w3w ///hits.stable.desk The event centre is 50m S of the car park, with start (and finish) 100m E of that.

Note that the area is within the ULEZ. If you have a non-compliant vehicle and wish to avoid the charge, you can use public transport, share transport with someone with a compliant vehicle, or walk in ~1.5km from the Gunpowder Park car park EN9 3GP.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT Enfield Lock station is 1km walk.

Buses 121 and 491 Canal Side Walk stop is almost en route from event centre to start.

COURSES 2 courses:

  • Senior course (only those over 16 on the day of the event), winning time ~15 minutes. HH members are eligible for the club Open and Women’s trophies.
  • Junior course mostly in the open area. You may run alongside roads but do not need to cross any road.
BEGINNERS First timers are very welcome. Go to the event centre for help.

This is a sprint event in an urban area, which is more accessible for beginners. Dark grey blocks are buildings, which are more obvious than the variations in vegetation we use for “forest” maps.

ENTRIES & FEES Entry online via SI Entries, which will remain open until 11:15 on the day of the event, so long as maps are available.

Prices as for our Saturday Series events. It’s a shorter run, but you do get a cup of tea and something to eat afterwards!

  • BOF members: Adults £4, Juniors £2, HH juniors free.
  • Non-members: Adults £6, Juniors £3.

Dibber hire £1. Charge for lost dibbers £30.

A guide to navigating our entries system is here. 

STARTS Start and finish are close to the event centre and car parking.

Enter in advance, then just turn up and start any time between 11:00 and 12:00. Those likely to take a longer time are recommended to start early.

PUNCHING Sportident punching will be used. SIAC (contactless) will be enabled but you must punch start and finish. You will probably pass the finish as you leave the start so just as well SIAC is not enabled on Finish!
CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS Control descriptions will be on the map
MAP 1:4000 pre-marked maps for all courses. Contour interval 5m but there are barely any contours on the map.
The area was used once in 2010 by CHIG as part of their larger Gunpowder Park map. Note that the map is to ISOM2017 (not sprint standard):

  • Paths in open areas are generally marked as dashed black lines. In the urban area they are shown as paved areas
  • There aren’t the number of ‘edges of paved area’ lines you’d expect on a sprint map
  • In the urban area, individual trees are not mapped. Groups of trees are only mapped if they would be ‘green’ rather than ‘white’ forest.
  • We have tried to make uncrossable objects clear. In some cases that has meant using double tags and blobs on high fences and walls respectively
  • Large electricity pylons are mapped as 4 small black squares, showing where the feet are
CLOTHING Shorts and vests are allowed, although it is December.

You are advised to wear flat soled trainers – no spikes, studs or bars.

FACILITIES Toilets, clothing dump, tables and chairs in event centre.

We will provide tea and coffee and some food after your run. People from other clubs welcome to stay as well.

There will be at least one quiz to keep you amused (no prizes!) and a presentation of the trophies to club champions. Or you can just talk.

There’s a coffee shop and a small Tesco by the parking.

DOGS Please keep dogs under control and clear up behind you. Dogs on courses would be a nuisance unless you are walking with them on a short lead. They are not allowed in the community centre
SAFETY Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety. A full risk assessment has been carried out.

The senior course involves crossing roads and car parks. In many places the area used by vehicles is barely distinguishable from that for pedestrians (both have brick paving), so watch out for traffic at all times. Runners on the junior course should not need to cross any road but may run alongside them – watch out for vehicles entering/leaving driveways.

Keep out of all bodies of water, they are deep.

RESULTS Interim results will be published direct to the club website every few minutes during the event. There will be no printed results (apart from your own splits) or WiFi available.

Full results will be published to the same location and to Routegadget; we aim to do so on the day of the event.

Planner John Duffield
Organiser Mike Bennett
Controlling Mike Bennett
The small print

This event is registered with British Orienteering, number 83922.

Orienteering is a great sport for youngsters. If you bring children, please help us to keep to our safeguarding policy and British Orienteering’s photography policy.

Your personal data is used for results and insurance, see our privacy policy.