Ashridge Ace of Herts

We hope you enter our biggest event of the year, the Ace of Herts, which is a round of the South East Orienteering League. It’s not just for experts, there are courses suitable for everybody and help for newcomers.

Terrain Ashridge is a fine area of runnable deciduous woodland with a steep scarp slope to the west with some areas of contour detail.  The going is generally fast with some limited areas of denser woodland and fallen timber and brashings throughout. All courses will use some paths which can be very muddy: participants should ensure they have appropriate footwear.

Notices asking the public to stay on the paths because of deer management activity can be ignored and there will no such activity on the day of the event.

We would like to thank the National Trust, and Ashridge Estate in particular, for access to this excellent forest.

Parking Parking has been an issue, due to the numbers anticipated and the expected weather which has rendered non-public parking areas unavailable.  Early parking will be alongside Monument Drive closest to the entry point from the B4506.  This parking is shared with the public and in order to minimise our impact on their use of the estate we will require all orienteers to follow our parking marshals’ instructions. The National Trust has placed restrictions on numbers parking at Monument Drive; we ask that everyone consider ride sharing as much as possible.

Once the allocated parking area on the drive is full we will be using an overflow car park to the north which is around 20-25 minutes walk to the start.

Assembly In the meadow behind the NT Visitors Centre within sight of start and finish.
Public Transport There are no direct public transport links to Ashridge Estate. Closest rail stations are Tring (3km) and Berkhamsted (6km)
Course Length Climb Men Women
Black 13.6 km 190 m M21
Brown 11.2 km 140 m M35 M40
Short Brown 9.4 km 115 m M18 M20 M45 M50 W21
Blue 7.6 km 80 m M16 M55 M60 W35 W40
Short Blue 6.3 km 60 m M65 W18 W20 W45 W50
Green 5.3 km 50 m M70 W16 W55 W60
Short Green 4.4 km 25 m M75 W65 W70
Very Short Green 3.4 km 25 m M80 M85+ W75 W80 W85+
Light Green 4.0 km 30 m M14 W14
Orange 3.1 km 40 m M12 W12
Yellow 2.4 km 30 m M10 W10
White 1.6 km 15 m
Starts Start times between 10.00-12.30. Courses close at 14.30. Start and finish are within 100m of Assembly.

Call up at -4 minutes. Loose control descriptions will be available in start boxes, pictorial for light green and up, choice of pictorial or text for orange and shorter.

Longer courses have a control description length of ~19cm, please plan accordingly. White and yellow maps available at pre-start.

Start times will be allocated, including entry on the day.

Late starters will have a punching start but may have to wait a while on popular courses. We will be enforcing the 4-minute gap between club members required by the SE League rules.

Entry & Fees In advance through Fabian4.  Closing date 17 Feb 2019.  Late entries can still be made up to 21 February 2019.  Late entries and EOD are both subject to map availability.

Pre-entry Late entry and EOD
Seniors (BOF) £12 £14
Seniors ( non BOF) £14 £16
Juniors (under 25) £5 £6
Juniors (under 25 non BOF) £7 £8
Punching Sportident dibber hire £1.00. Charge for lost dibbers £30.
Map 1:10000 with 5m contours, updated 2018, pre-printed on waterproof paper.
All symbols are standard IOF.
The following are not mapped, either because they are too small or due to their ever-changing nature: rootstocks, timber stacks, small fenced enclosures surrounding one or two trees, hides constructed from branches (there are many of these, some quite substantial), and some small paths. Thickets shown are generally (but not exclusively) rhododendron or holly.
Facilities Toilets, First Aid, clothing dump at Assembly. Please bring your own refreshments.

No traders are expected. Refreshments of a high standard are on offer at the Ashridge Estate café at the Monument near Assembly. Note that if you are walking to the café, even after your run, you should follow the taped route round the outside of the competition areas.

Event Cancellation Given the time of year, extreme weather conditions such as high winds or significant snowfall could result in late cancellation of the event. Every effort will be made to inform competitors as soon as is possible after a decision has been made – if cancellation is necessary a message will be posted on the website and an email sent to all those entered on Fabian4. Please check before travelling.
Safety Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.
Results Times taken between each control and your total time for the course will be printed for you at download. Intermediate results, updated every few minutes, will be available by joining the wifi network hhresults.
Full results will be published on and Routegadget as soon as possible after the event.
Planner David Saunders (HH)
Organiser Margaret Jones (HH) e:
Controller Mike Murray (SLOW)