Panshanger Park

Welcome to one of our Saturday events. This one was originally planned for April 2020 and has been postponed twice so we are hoping this will be 3rd time lucky.

Update 6 Jan – The Short Blue course was full, but we have sufficient maps so have added more start slots. Those who entered Light Green because there were no Short Blue available may be able to edit their entry – first come first served. We expect to have the start open early, from 1000 if not before. If you start early, please give priority to helpers.

Update 9 Dec – it looks as though this event will still be possible under recent Government Covid guidance. Be prepared for change.

BEGINNERS Beginners are welcome and first timers can run for free! – Claim your free run from before you enter. See the poster.

At the event, look for our greeters in hi-vis jackets who will give you socially-distanced help.

TERRAIN A combination of open parkland and wooded areas, the longer courses including steep slopes.   Many thanks to Tarmac for allowing us to run the event here and to The Sele School for parking.
EVENT CENTRE Sele School SG14 2DG.  Hire-dibbers and download will be in the classroom adjacent to the front carpark. No spiked or muddy schools indoors and please wear a mask.
PARKING Sele School front carpark (SG14 2DG). There will also be cars from football and dancing practice using the rear carpark. Please follow instructions from club marshals. Please do not park in Thieves’ Lane carpark.
PUBLIC TRANSPORT Rail: Hertford North station 800m.
Coach: Green Line 724 (Fordwich Rise) 300m.
COURSES Courses for everybody from beginners of any age to experienced orienteers.

Course Straight line Distance Difficulty
White 2.0 km Easy – all along paths. Control flags when you need to decide whether to turn.
Yellow 2.5 km Fairly easy – navigate along line features such as paths, walls, streams.
Some turns with no control flags.
Orange 3.0 km Moderate – start cutting across country, some controls a bit away from line features.
Light Green 4.1 km (with 53m climb) Harder – a range of navigational skills needed to find controls on any mapped feature.
Short Blue 6.1 km (with 85m climb) As hard as we can make it on the area.
ENTRIES Entries are now open at SI entries.

The cut-off time for entries requesting a hire-dibber is midnight on Thursday 6th January.

Entries will remain open online until 11:15 on the day of the event, so you can enter from your phone or tablet at the event provided there are maps available and starts available for your course and you have your own dibber.

FEES BOF members: Adults £4, Juniors £2, HH juniors free.
Non-members: Adults £6, Juniors £3.
Dibber hire £1. Charge for lost dibbers £30.
STARTS You can choose a 15 minute start block between 10:15 and 11:30 when you enter.

From Sele School, cross Thieves’ Lane where instructed by the marshal and follow the tapes to the subsidiary event centre. This is 600m from the school.  Look for the Happy Herts banner and greeters in high-vis jackets.  Start and finish are respectively a further 150 m and 300m on from there.

Courses close 12:45. Do not forget to go back to the school to download.

TIMING Sportident (dibber) punching will be used. SIAC will be enabled but the Start and Finish controls will not be contactless and must be punched. If you don’t own a dibber you need to hire one when you enter.
CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS Control descriptions will be on the map
MAP 1:7500 pre-marked maps for all courses on waterproof paper. For a previous event on the area see RouteGadget
FACILITIES Mobile café in Thieves’ Lane carpark.

Toilets at Sele School – please wear a mask and no muddy or spiked shoes when moving around indoors.  There are no toilets in Panshanger Park.

DOGS Clear up behind you.
SAFETY Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety. A full risk assessment will have been carried out.

You should abide by the British orienteering Covid-19 Code of Conduct. In particular:

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, are living in a household with someone who has a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection, or have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, you should not come. You’ll get a full refund.
  • Before, during and after your run, maintain appropriate distance from other runners and other park users.
  • Hand sanitiser is available – please use it.
RESULTS Interim results will be published direct to the club website every few minutes during the event. There will be no printed results (apart from your own splits) or WiFi available, so there is no need to hang around.

Full results will be published to the same location and to Routegadget; we aim to do so on the day of the event.

Planner Hugh Wiltshire
Organiser Barbara Wiltshire
Controlling Emese Svab
The small print

This event is registered with British Orienteering, number 78687.

Orienteering is a great sport for youngsters. If you bring children, please help us to keep to our safeguarding policy and British Orienteering’s photography policy.

Your personal data is used for results and insurance, see our privacy policy.

If you have to cancel for a COVID-related reason, write to and we will give a full refund. If we have to cancel the event we will offer a choice of a full refund or a voucher for use at a future HH event. That choice will be sent to the email address used for the original entry. If you do not reply by the deadline, the default is a voucher.