CompassSport Cup Qualifier


Our qualifying round is versus WAOC at Croxton Heath near Thetford on Feb 19th.  If you’re reading this, we’d love to have you as part of the team!

Details and the link to entries are now here:

The process for entries is different this year:

  • The closing date is 5th February – earlier than you might normally expect to allow the starts to be coordinated between clubs.
  • You should enter yourself via Fabian4. Please take a look at the Course Information below as your competitive class for the Compass Sport Cup may be different from the class you usually run.
  • Start times will be allocated later, as each club has a list of available slots. Please email me at or by reply and let me know what time you prefer to start (between 10:30am and 12:30pm). If you have any family/group preferences (e.g. split starts or starting close to someone) then let me know and I’ll do my best.

Course information

This is a CompassSport Qualifier event. To be competitive for the Qualifier, you must be a member of BOF and a member of HH. Enter the courses as below corresponding to your age class.

Class CompassSport Course BOF Age Classes Length
1 Brown Men Open 9.5 km
2 Short Brown M20- M40+ 7.9 km
3 Blue Women Women Open 6.8 km
4 Blue Men M50+ 7.6 km
5 Green Women W20- W45+ 5.4 km
6 Green Men M60+ 5.4 km
7 Veterans Short Green M70+ W60+ 4.3 km
8A Junior Men (Green) Men 18- 5.3 km
8B Junior Women (Short Green) Women 18- 4.3 km
9A Orange Men Men 14- 3.6 km
9B Orange Women Women 14- 3.7 km
10 Super Veterans Short Green M80+ W70+ 3.9 k

Please let Tom know at or by reply if you would prefer to run in a different class.