Compass Sport Cup Result 15th March 2015


Unfortunately we were not quite good enough to get through to the CSC final this year, coming in 5th at Woolbeding today.  SN and SLOW will represent the SE in this year’s final – we wish them the best of luck up in the Lakes.

Many thanks to all who ran for the club, and well done to the 25 scorers:
Samuel Fielding 100
Janet Rosen 99
Francesca Bayne 98
Alan Rosen 98
Josh M’Caw 96
James Errington 96
Keith Marsden 95
Laura Bayne 94
Mick Smith 94
Kevin Fielding 93
Helen Errington 92
Andrew Cummings 92
Helen Marsden 90
Simon Errington 90
Liz Drew 89
Mike Bennett 89
Dawn Figg 88
Alex Fielding 88
Gillian Hanson 86
Maire Convery 85
Ian Marsden 83
Laura Parkes 81
Ian Byford 81
Kevin Parkes 77
Becky Young 77
I hope everyone got at least one brownie and one slice of cake!
The Captain