Club league catchup


Updated club league results are here.

Update 6 May: When first issued these results were missing several of the courses from White Downs.

The final event in the league is at Angmering on 17 May. Entries go up by £1 on May 2 but there are discounts if you enter all 3 events on the weekend.

I didn’t realise how many league events I’d missed when i was injured early in the year, so there’s a bit to catch up on.

So who did particularly well in handicap terms at each event? Here’s a little roll of honour:

Event Juniors Seniors
11 Jan Belhus Matthew Dixon
Hannah Freeman
Chris Drew
David Heale
18 Jan Chelwood Vachery James Errington
Angus Harrington
Gillian hanson
Frances Goldingay
Helen Errington
 8 Feb White Downs  Alex Fielding
Tegan Frampton
Helen Errington
Siân Mitchell
Alison Harding
Hedley Calderbank
15 Mar Furnace Ponds Alex Fielding
Josh M’Caw
Francesca Bayne
Helen Marsden
Laura Parkes
Barbara Page
 22 Mar Ightham Tegan Frampton
Joseph Fielding
Harry Goldingay
Keith Marsden
Roger Moudling
 12 Apr Epping SW Alex Fielding
Tegan Frampton
Josh M’Caw
Harry Goldingay
Gillian Hanson
Barry Breed

So after all that, the juniors are led by Alex Fielding ahead of James Errington, although Evan Bowers could catch them. There is a bit of distortion of junior scores because some ran ‘down’ in Compass Sport Cup and Yvette Baker Trophy, but they were doing what was best for the club!

Of the seniors, Gillian Hanson has pulled ahead of Helen Errington and Barry Breed.

Hope to see you at Angmering for the final event.

Mike Bennett
club.league <at>