Club League after Blackheath


Blackheath was new to me. The mixture of woodland and more or less runnable heathland with various pits and hollows kept interest up, and best of all it is free-draining, so only a few of the paths had much mud. 5 HHers ran well enough to become SE champions, but who ran faster than their handicap?

Updated results show that Alison Saunders was a good distance ahead of Mike Bennett and Liz Drew, one of our 5 champions. Of the juniors, Daniel Figg led from Natalia (another champion!) and Maria Pereverzina.

Overall, some 31 people have now completed 6 events or more so the table is taking shape. Alison Saunders has jumped ahead of David and Viv Hodson. Daniel Figg has increased his lead over Sam Fielding and Beth Hanson.

The next two club league events are:

  • Compass Sport Cup Heats on 16 Feb at Broxbourne –  on the doorstep for many of us. There’s already a great turnout from HH, but if any of you have missed out, entries have been extended until midnight tonight (Tuesday) on Fabian4.
  • MV’s event at Pippingford on 23 Feb, closing date 8 Feb. The British Night Championships are the night before, on adjacent terrain.

Update 4 Feb 20:45

Kevin has wisely decided that we should reinstate the times of the hangers at Ashridge, who had been declared non-competitive. The only significant effect is that Alison’s splendid run there increases her dominance at the top.

The link has been updated.