Club league after 1st month


We’ve had 3 events so far, at Hindleap, Winterfold and Rowney. I couldn’t make the first 2, but Rowney posed its usual contour feature challenges on what was very fast terrain if you avoided the worst of the bracken. Speeds have been generally high in all 3 events, aided by the mild and not-too-wet autumn we’ve had so far.

Results to date are here.

So who did particularly well in handicap terms at each event?

Event Juniors Seniors
15 Nov Hindleap Alex Fielding
Samuel Fielding
Josh M’Caw
Stu Levene
Dawn Figg
Andrew Cummings
22 Nov Winterfold Josh M’Caw
Daniel Figg
Dominic Bowers
Roger Moulding
David Hodson
Stu Levene
 8 Feb White Downs Daniel Figg
Josh M’Caw
Samuel Fielding
David Frampton
David Heale
Andrew Cummings

The league table is just beginning to take shape. As you’d expect, the most regular runners are at the top. Of the juniors, Josh M’Caw leads by a statistically-insignificant whisper from Daniel Figg, with Samuel Fielding not far behind. Sam also has the fastest average speed of anyone in the club so far, getting below 5 minutes per (adjusted) km at Rowney.

For seniors, Stu Levene leads from Andrew Cummings and Roger Moulding, but there are plenty of others quite close behind. Just keep running at club league events and you could catch up.

The next 3 events in the league are at:

  • Bradenham on 13 December. This is also the club championships. Thanks to the 55 who have entered so far, there may still be maps left if you want to join us.
  • Ash Ranges on 20 December, the next event in the SE League.
  • The first event in the new year is  at Blackheath (no, not that one) on 10 January so you need to be thinking about entering soon if you’re away for a period over Christmas.

Finally, this is the first publishing of the handicaps for this season. If you have a query please contact me. Your handicap is calculated as the median of your results for last season, or for 6 events if you didn’t run that many last season. New members of the club need to run 2 events to establish a handicap, then you’ll suddenly appear after your 3rd run. If your previous runs haven’t been picked up in the spreadsheet, I can add them in to give you a more reasonable handicap.

Enjoy your running

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