Club Championships 2021


The annual HH Club Champs were held on 27 November under blue skies on a crisp winter’s day in Weald Park. Turnout was strong, with 48 entries and few deterred by the cold weather.

Racing was varied and challenging. Views of the open fields around the lake may have lulled the unwary into a false sense of security. While there were fast and furious running legs in places, there were also tricky controls aplenty in the vague vegetation and low visibility. Few if any will have escaped with clean runs, but our champions were able to keep their time losses to a minimum.

Category Course Women Men
Open Blue 1. Tegan Frampton 1. Tom Cochrane
2. Rachel Sequeira 2. David Frampton
3. Mark Adams
(W45+, M60+)
Green 1. Helen Errington 1. Mike Bennett
2. Melanie Hilton 2. Ian Byford
3. Andrea Hampanijad 3. Nigel Quinton
(M/W14 – M/W16)
Light Green 1. Maggie Soulsby ** 1. Rory Nesbit
2. Robin Blake
3. Charlie Dixon
(M/W12 and under)
Orange 1. Davis Tam
2. Darrio Tam

** As no W14/16s entered the Light Green course the Intermediate Girls was awarded based on the Green course

Handicap Awards

Category Course
Open Handicap Blue 1. Tegan Frampton
2. David Heale
3. David Frampton
Veterans Handicap Green 1. Andrea Hampanijad
2. Nigel Quinton
3. Hannah Nesbit


Tegan – 1st  WO & OH

Rachel – 2nd WO

Tom – 1st MO

David – 2nd MO