British Relay Championships


The British Relay Championships take place on Sunday 14th April at Hutton Mulgrave and Skelder Woods near Whitby. Details are at:

We usually enter at least 10 teams, so if you want to run there should be something that meets your preferences.

If you would like a relay run, please reply to this message or email by 17th March and state:

  • Name (as recognised by BOF)
  • SI card number and BOF membership number
  • Preferred class and leg (first/middle/last)

The following classes are available

  • A: Men’s Premier
  • B: Women’s Premier
  • C: Men’s Short
  • D: Women’s Short
  • E: M40
  • F: W40
  • G: M50
  • H: W50
  • J: M60
  • K: W60
  • L: M/W70
  • M: M18
  • N: W18
  • P: M14
  • Q: W14
  • R: Mini Relay (M/W12-)
  • S: Mixed Ad Hoc
  • T: Junior Ad Hoc (M/W18-)