An Introduction to Orienteering

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What is a GLOSS event?
When do I use ‘aiming off’?
What is the difference between a Regional Event and a Level C?
What should I buy – a thumb compass or a protractor?

These – and many others – are some of the questions that we hope to answer in our new session ‘An Introduction to Orienteering’ that the club is planning to organise.

Originally, we had planned it as a session for newcomers to orienteering but it is clear from discussions round the club that many of you, some with years of experience, have questions that have never been fully answered so now is that opportunity to ask those questions – and in so doing help to inform all those who attend.

So far we have set aside two Saturday afternoons, 23rd June and 8th September as possible dates so please let Keith know which one you would prefer and do come along and ask those questions that you have – ‘but never dared to ask’.

Helen Errington will lead the session supported by a number of experienced orienteers all eager to help you to further understand the sport of orienteering.

For further details, or better still, to put your name down for one of the session please contact

Now what is ISOM2017 again?? And S6D?