2020 CompassSport Cup


Hampstead Heath 15th March – Race report by Ian Jones

An intrepid band of Happy Herts club members braved public transport and/or Parking in the borough of Camden to compete for their club on Hampstead Heath. There was discussion around the club banner about Covid-19 and some ‘social distancing’, but a positive approach for Happy Herts runners determined to put up a good show for their club on what may turn out to have been the last full orienteering competition for a while.

The morning was dry but underfoot was muddy in the extreme. The map was of good quality and the terrain had a mix of fast open running and some technicality; the London metropolis seemed a long way away for much of the course. Some parts of the map had a dense path network plus other unmarked paths, interspersed with dense bramble patches, all which served to bamboozle even the most experienced of runners. No names will be mentioned here, to protect the innocent.

Thanks go out to LOK for putting on a great event; Paul Todd as organiser, Anthony Flick as planner and Happy Herts’ own David Frampton as controller.

Club runners put in an excellent performance across the full age spectrum, and we had 25 scoring runners. Special congratulations to Maggie Soulsby, Alex Fielding and Kevin Harding who each pulled in a perfect score of 100 points. HH came tantalisingly close to taking top spot; our mighty 2,315 points was only 77 points of the winning spot eventually claimed by SLOW.

Here is the roll of honour for club members whose score was counted in the final reckoning:

Name Class Score
Maggie Soulsby 9B 100
Alex Fielding 8A 100
Kevin Harding 6 100
Mick Smith 7 99
Kevin Fielding 4 98
Dawn Figg 5 96
Hannah Freeman 8B 96
Matthew Dixon 8A 96
Maire Convery 5 95
Helen Errington 5 94
Tom Cochrane 1 94
David Dixon 2 93
Helen Marsden 3 92
Sebastien Flesch 4 92
Simon Errington 2 92
Alice Soulsby 9B 92
Janet Rosen 7 91
Issy Hawks 9B 90
Ian Byford 6 89
Emily Grover 8B 88
David Hodson 4 86
James Errington 1 86
Paul Langston 6 86
Becky Shelford 3 85
Jacob Sharpe 2 85
Grand total 2315