Newcomer Events

Your first event

new 8Wear the same as for your normal walk or run (in winter that means be ready for a bit of mud!). You don’t need anything else.

Look for the “Start here” banner, and our greeters wearing hi-viz. They will advise you on which course to try. On a first try it will be one of the easiest two: about 2km if you have kids or 3km for adults. It will take 30 – 60mins.

new 9We’ll guide you through entering, hiring the timing chip (we call it a ”dibber”), and which way to go from the start. You can’t get very lost, and there are plenty of people around!

After you’ve finished, return your dibber and get a printout of your result. You can keep the map.

Some people try another, more difficult course straight away.


Look for the monthly “Saturday League” events in our fixtures list. These events are specially geared up for newcomers. It won’t take long before you’re hooked and trying more and more challenging events.