How Covid-19 affects our events

We are following as far as we can Government rulings on Covid-19 and British Orienteering advice, including the latest dated 13 March 2020.

This is what we will put in place for our events, and how you can help us keep the risk as low as possible:

We will You must / should
Ensure that no volunteer attends who:

  • has a high temperature or a new continuous cough
  • has been in a high-risk or lock-down area (e.g. China, Iran, Italy, as advised by Government from time to time)
  • has been advised to stay at home by a health professional.
You must not attend if any of these apply to you. This is a British Orienteering ruling.
Ensure that volunteers take appropriate hygiene precautions (hand cleaning etc) before and during the event.

Make clear on the webpage for the event what toilet and cleaning facilities are available. Sorry, we can’t always provide toilet facilities at Saturday events.

Take appropriate hygiene precautions before, during and after the event.

We are unable to provide sufficient hand sanitisers so you may wish to bring your own.

Where possible, provide extra space in places where people are close to each other e.g. in start area, for registration. Keep your distance from others where you can e.g. leave a space in front of you in any queue.

Send only one person per family / group / car up to register and pay.

Use our pre-registration facility – it saves you the form-filling queue! If you later find you can’t come, it helps us if you cancel – login, go to Reserve Maps, then the X on the right of each row deletes that map reservation (person) from your entry.

Provide (almost) up to the minute results over wifi at all events Don’t congregate round download asking for results, use your phone or tablet
Please take your rubbish away