WGC Urban

This is a provisional date for the event originally planned for 14 June 2020.

A regional urban orienteering event, originally part of the celebrations of Welwyn Garden City’s centenary in 2020.

For frequent orienteers, this event is also part of the UK Urban League and potentially the Southern England Urban Orienteering League.

TERRAIN An early example of planned urban terrain that deliberately diverges from a grid pattern. A mixture of residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and office zones.
PARKING Campus West Car Park
PUBLIC TRANSPORT Welwyn Garden City station has a good service from London and Cambridge
COURSES Standard UKUL courses. Juniors under 16 on the day of the event may only enter courses 6 and 7.
PUNCHING SIAC touch-free electronic punching will be enabled. SI ‘dibbers’ may also be used. All entrants must punch the start and the finish.
MAP Newly drawn for this event by Simon Errington.
SAFETY Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety. A full risk assessment will have been carried out.
RESULTS Full results will be published on www.herts-orienteering.club and Routegadget; we aim to do so on the day of the event.
Planners David Hodson & David Dixon
Organiser Roger Moulding
Controlling Hedley Calderbank

All of whom live in WGC, most of them on the map!

The small print

Event registered with British Orienteering, no 76515.

Orienteering is a great sport for youngsters. If you bring children or at-risk adults, please help us to keep to British Orienteering’s safeguarding policy. Anyone taking photos or videos of people other than their immediate family should be aware of sections 5 and 6 of that policy and contact the event organiser.

Your personal data is used for results and insurance, see our privacy policy.

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