Training Plans – Autumn 2019

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Our plans for the training of club members over the next 6 months are beginning to take shape so I thought it appropriate to provide an update.

There are many areas related to Orienteering that benefit from ‘class room’ education and our aim is to provide a variety of these over the coming months.  We believe that as with any subject the more you know about it the more likely you are to enjoy it and certainly Orienteering is no exception to that idea.

Most of the courses that we plan to put on will be presented by members of Happy Herts and so will be tuned to the way that the club operates. The one exception being the First Aid course which will be presented by a qualified practitioner, one who to my knowledge has been presenting First aid courses to orienteers for over 12 years and therefore understands our needs.

The list below represents where we are at the moment and will, we hope, be added to as time goes by.

Team Leaders and Organisers Course       (10 am – 3pm)

Planned for the 8th June based at Oxlease House, Hatfield. Provisional date 8th June.

HH is aiming to increase the number of people who are willing to take on the role of Team Leaders in various aspects of our events and maybe to become event organisers.

This course is aimed at telling you exactly what is involved and to answer any questions that concern you.

There will be no charge to HH members for this course.

Event Safety                          (7pm to 10pm)                        17th September

Along with event Controlling, Event Safety is one of the few courses that is mandated by British Orienteering as a prerequisite to taking on a major role in event organisation.

This course fits in well to the evening slot and will be based at the Highfield Park Visitors Centre, St Albans.

There will be no charge to HH members for this course.

Course Planning                    (10am -4pm)               28th September

Everyone wants to become a planner but what exactly is involved? If you have never planned or are thinking of moving up from planning a Level D Saturday Series event to a Level C or B then come along – you may decide that you could have a go.

The course will be based at Mardley near Welwyn Garden City, giving attendees the chance to try some practical exercises

First Aid                                 (1.30pm – 5.30 pm)    Provisional date 7th December

All events need First Aid qualified people. This course is a refresher for those who need to renew their First Aid certificate and for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge in how to treat a casualty.

Specifically aimed at treating casualties in the out doors.

Introduction to Orienteering  (3 hours)                   Provisional date  January 2020

We organised an ‘Introduction to Orienteering’ course in 2019 and it was well received. Therefore we shall be repeating it in the new year.

Once again we will be looking for a mix of those who know very little about the sport and those who have been taking part for some time but feel they need to know more about it. All are welcome.

So that’s the plan; so now it’s down to you if it’s going to happen.

If you want to reserve a place on any course let me know. (At this stage there is no commitment on your part – but I do need to judge the level of interest)

If you want more details or indeed any questions, please ask.

Keith (