O during lock-down

Orienteering events are cancelled, but there are still quite a number of O-based activities available to keep you going till we get back to normal. Here are some suggestions.


DIY Street-O  Street-O is back, but on a do-it-anytime basis.  You can use MapRun to track your virtual O course.  More info..

DIY Park-O – These Virtual Orienteering Courses use MapRun but with ‘proper’ orienteering maps. More info..

Post-O HH’s weekly Post-O challenges were set in early lockdown. They are still a good way to add a bit of interest to your daily exercise.   Details…

Permanent Orienteering Courses  We have POCs in Highfield Park, St Albans and Stanborough Lakes, Welwyn Garden City.  Details...


Catching Features  This is a PC-based orienteering game where you steer your runner around courses of all types of terrain and levels of difficulty. Surprisingly challenging!  Details..

Lockdown Orienteering Events  Each of these events is comprised of a series of different stages that are a mixture of both O-based online games and Catching Features courses. They are extremely popular with 200-300 people taking part.