Ruislip Woods Colour Coded Event Results 09/04/00

Comments from the Planners, Organiser and Controller. Information about HH.
Results to the Brown, Blue, Green, Light Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White and String Courses.


Planners' Comments - David Saunders / Robin Barris

Our first visits to Ruislip Woods confirmed our worst fears about the condition of the area, muddy paths and thick undergrowth. On each successive visit, the conditions improved until two weeks before the event they were ideal, but then the wet weather returned. The planning strategy was firstly to give as many of you as possible a run in Park Woods (where the far start was located), as only the longest courses get here when we use our 'normal' car park. The second aim was to link together the more interesting and runnable bits of the woods, which is why the brown was a little on the long side. The loop(s) on the longer courses were needed to keep an element of route choice; the brown course crossed itself six times. It is difficult to say if the course lengths were correct, as the field was rather small, but, as Simon explains below, the orange was clearly too long.

Working with Simon was a pleasure; his comments were always helpful and constructive, so we were happy to agree to all his requests for changes. Eric and Lesley not only put enormous time and energy into ensuring that the event ran smoothly but, as club equipment officer, Eric supplied all the punches already neatly bundled for the various control sites. Thanks to all the control hangers, marshalls and those who 'manned' controls. Finally, thanks to Alison who put up with David peering at maps of Ruislip for two months and the house disappearing under a sea of controls and punches for a week.


Organiser's Comments - Eric Brown

Many thanks to those who came on such a lovely day. Although the number of competitors taking part was lower than anticipated it was a real pleasure to see so many (very) juniors enjoying the sunshine and the mud. Thanks to the enthusiastic band of HH helpers whose experience and calm made it easy for a novice Organiser, not least to Lesley who quietly drove it along throughout all stages of the organisation.

Thanks also to Hillingdon Council staff who not only allowed us to hold the event but were helpful throughout; to Peter Fussey and his team of St John's Ambulance brigade who were present throughout in case of accidents; and to the Waters Edge for perinission to use the top of the Lido car park.


Controller's Comments - Simon Ling

In my short career as a controller I have been lucky enough to have worked only with experienced planners. It is good to be able to accept the courses virtually unchanged and to try to offer constructive comments where appropriate. Ruislip has its drawbacks as an orienteering area ( mud and brambles to name but two! ) but in the sunshine it can be very pleasant.

The most troublesome course from my point of view was the orange, where the extensive path network made it difficult to offer the option of short cuts without running the risk of sending inexperienced competitors off into the extensive bramble thickets. In the event this seems to be the one that shows times furthest from the guidelines. This may be due to the mud or to the relatively large number of controls. There were also one or two difficulties with particular sites. At 506 (brown and light green) there is at least one more pit in the vicinity than is shown on the map. At 502 (brown and green) I moved the control at the last minute when I realised that the stream (on which the control was supposed to be) had diverted along the path. However I heard no comments about either of these (or any others) at the finish so presumably the action we took overcame the problems.

Congratulations to David on making good use of a not very promising area, and to Eric for the smooth organisation. I was impressed by the number of helpers that Happy Herts can muster; but having so many control hangers makes it impossible for the controller to check every control, the time available being so much reduced. Thank you Andrew for acting as my assistant on the day.


The Hertfordshire Orienteering Club

If you are not already a member of an Orienteering Club and live in or around Herfordshire, you may like to join Happy Herts. Membership allows you to enjoy many exclusive extra activities, including technique training and socials and receive the Club journal and monthly newsletter which includes an events programme compiled specially for people living in this area. Yet more club information.

For more details contact S. Marsden ( Membership Secretary ),


Brown, 10.6km, 255m Climb, 27 Controls.

  1 P Jones             SN      M40     77.17
  2 Simon Errington     LOK     M35     78.39
  3 H Roberts           MDDX    M40     92.04
  4 D Cook              BAOC    M40     97.10
  5 M Cook              LOK     M35    100.49
  6 R Phipps            TVOC    M50    101.25
  7 Roger Moulding      HH      M50    103.55
  8 Simon Hime          LOK     M35    110.33
--- Par Time ---------------------------------
  9 R Johnstone         BKO     M45    141.59
 10 Eric Burton         HH      M40    144.34
 11 Ken Wickham         CHIG    M60    158.12

DSQ S Bingham           SMOC    M40    105.35 m3
RTD Jacob Sharpe        HH      M21


Blue, 6.9km, 145m Climb, 17 Controls.

  1 Neil Gostick        HH      M35     54.13
  2 R Sanderson         TVOC    M16     61.18
  3 Dave Hodgskin       HH      M50     63.35
N/C Andrew Cummings     HH      M45     64.19
  4 J Chappell          MIDDX   M50     65.57
  5 P Wilson            MIDDX   M40     73.16
  6 Hedley Calderbank   HH      M45     74.50
  7 George Normand      HH      M55     75.00
  8 K Ellis             BKO     W35     75.47
  9 Paul Langston       HH      M45     77.42
 10 Ian Smith           WAOC    M40     79.00
 11 Roger Dear          HH      M45     80.08
 12 N King              BOK     W21     81.14
 13 J Morris            IND     M45     88.26
 14 Val Challacombe     HH      W50     91.00
--- Par Time ---------------------------------
 15 S Clough            HH      W35     91.27
 16 J Shaw              SMOC    M50     95.45
 17 R Shaw              SMOC    W50     97.42
 18 Alan Yeadon         BKO     M60     98.51
 19 Liz Turbin          BKO     W50     99.03
 20 P Frost             TVOC    M40     99.47
 21 Kevin Parkes        HH      M40    100.06
 22 R Jackson           MVOC    M45    100.59
 23 K Kingston          LOK     W21    112.53
 24 S Stone             TVOC    M45    127.42
 25 T Marsh             SLOW    M55    139.34

DSQ J Duffield          CHIG    M50     95.41 m17
DSQ R Allison           TVOC    M45     56.38 w12
RTD C Jenkins           IND     M35


Green, 4.9km, 105m Climb, 14 Controls.

  1 Carol Whitworth     HH      W21     48.09
  2 J Jenner            CHIG    M14     48.50
  3 Barry Breed         HH      M50     52.58
  4 D Jenner            CHIG    M45     53.52
  5 C Sanderson         TVOC    M14     54.40
  6 R Harvey            IND     M40     56.21
  7 Pauline Goddard     HH      W21     57.02
  8 C Kilpatrick        IND     M40     58.52
  9 P Inness            BKO     M21     58.53
 10 J Yates             IND     M40     60.04
 11 Katie Breed         HH      W16     62.23
 12 F Ashford           TVOC    M60     64.03
 13 D Float             HAVOC   M21     64.32
 14 M Butler            IND     M45     68.37
 15 Jonathan Wharton    HH      M21     71.05
 16 Clive Dinsey        HH      M40     73.53
--- Par Time ---------------------------------
 17 Glyn Parry          HH      M65     75.05
 18 S Glass             IND     M21     76.00
 19 John Warburton      HH      M55     76.02
 20 R West              CHIG    W50     77.28
 21 Peter Marsden       HH      M50     77.57
 22 A Owen              WAOC    M35     84.03
 23 E Walsh             SLOW    W35     88.11
 24 Y Hodson                            89.32
 25 J Morris            IND     W45     89.38
 26 Cliff Short         HH      M50     90.48
 27 K Malik             IND     M21     93.18
 28 Penny Parkes        HH      W40     99.07
 29 D Carratt           IND     M45     99.30
 30 Frances Goldingay   HH      W50    102.37
 31 Susie Hall          HH      W60    106.48
 32 K Phipps            TVOC    W50    109.14


Light Green, 4.3km, 80m Climb, 12 Controls.

  1 N Harris            SN      M60     50.55
  2 J Sanderson         TVOC    W45     56.02
  3 A Saunders          HH      W40     60.31
  4 S Layzell           HH              70.58
  5 D Egan              IND     M35     71.11
  6 Dethoe              IND     W21     71.24
  7 Maureen Webster     HH      W50     75.47
  8 Bob Kay             HH      M55     86.04
  9 G Engwell           IND     M21     87.26
--- Par Time ---------------------------------
 10 M Carratt           SLOW    M14    101.53
 11 Anne Short          HH      W50    101.59
 12 A Morris                           106.02
 13 Sylvia Davidson     HH      W50    107.51
 14 S Carratt           IND     W40    118.01
 15 David Pepper        HH      M21    126.42

RTD S Human             IND     W21
RTD C Morris            IND     W18


Red, 5.1km, 120m Climb, 12 Controls.

  1 John Tuck           IND     M21     51.53
  2 S Williams          IND     M40     55.34
  3 D Masterson         IND     M21     56.33
  4 C Galvin            LOK     W35     69.52
  5 J Last              TVOC    M60     76.32
  6 Michael Oliver      HH      M40     77.15
  7 P Patel             IND     M15     77.39
--- Par Time ---------------------------------

DSQ T Luhar             IND     M14    102.13 m8-11
DSQ C Butler            IND     M14    142.04 m2


Orange, 3.6km, 95m Climb, 14 Controls.

  1 Graham Parkes       HH      M11     58.41
  2 J Float             HAVOC   M65     64.18
  3 R Rudd              IND     M11     84.44
  4 S S Butterall       IND     W21     90.42
  5 A Engwell           IND     W21     92.53
  6 C Morris            IND     W13    110.22
--- Par Time ---------------------------------
  7 T & F Gladstone     HH      W7     111.43
  8 Sue Mitchell + 1    RAF     W35    117.56
  9 V Luhar + 2         IND     M11    156.36

DSQ C Allinson          TVOC    W18     75.11 m10
DSQ A Burton            IND     M13     65.46 w4
DSQ V Frost             TVOC    W14     95.29 w12


Yellow, 2.5km, 55m Climb, 10 Controls.

  1 Gemma Pearson       TVOC    W11     22.10
  2 Jamie Pearson       TVOC    M10     26.11
  3 Denton + 2          HH      M7      28.45
  4 Laurie Jenner       CHIG    M12     30.37
--- Par Time ---------------------------------
  5 Tom Egan            IND     M12     50.49
  6 Rachel Colinson + 1 IND     W21     55.43
  7 Kenway + 3          IND     M5      70.19

RTD Emma Oliver         HH      W4


White, 1.8km, 40m Climb, 10 Controls.

  1 Alice Brown         IND     W7      20.58
  2 Laura Parkes        HH      W10     28.42
  3 Adam Smith          WAOC    M11     30.21
  4 A Frost             TVOC    W9      38.42
  5 Family O'Brien      IND     W6      45.34
  6 Emily Batty + 1     HAVOC   W5      53.54


String, 0.4km, 0m Climb, 10 Controls.

    Brendan Hanson      HH      M5     6 mins
    Bethany Hanson      HH      W3    10 mins
    James Errington     LOK     M2    15 mins
    Sandy O'Brien       IND     M5     7 mins
    Rachel O'Brien      IND     W3     8 mins
    Cara Wharton        HH      W3    11 mins
    Jak Harvey          IND     M4    16 mins
    Freya Harvey        IND   W22mths 16 mins
    Alice Brown         IND     W7     3 mins
    Mitchell Masterson  IND     M6    12 mins
    Sara Williams       IND     W6    12 mins
    Jamie Williams      IND     M3    14 mins
    Callum Masterson    IND     M4    13 mins
    Joshua Kenway       IND     M5     6 mins
    Daniel Kenway       IND     M2    11 mins
    James Clough        HH      M6     6 mins
    Becky Clough        HH      W3    11 mins
    Laura Parkes        HH      W7     2 mins
    Emily Batty         HAVOC   W5     6 mins
    Alex Batty          HAVOC   M2    18 mins
    James Clough (2)    HH      M6     4 mins